Buying a home in Australia is the most valuable dream for the Immigrants and Australian
Citizens .

The Australian Real Estate market has given a great push to Mortgage segment. This is the
reason why home dreamer can think Good property Appreciation by only few months
time.Using the deposit ,saving and the help of mortgage it has been easy for buyers to get
there 1 st home and investment home.

The home loan process starts with the information of the Applicants. The Industry jargon is
Fact Find Sheet . This sheet is part of compliance requirement of the authorized finance
body which explains and justifies the income assets , liabilities etc

The client while giving an interview explain almost all his financial situation which helps
the broker to derives the loan amount and Int rate ,suitable lender and many more.

The session takes almost 30 minutes to fill the same after which the actual process of
calculation begins. The broker like doctor diagnose the creditworthiness and ask if he goes
with so and so loan amount and Int Rate.

The entire session or the series of meetings –communication will be recorded over a piece of
the page which is called File Notes.

Here the broker confirms the meeting time and the topic of the communication. Now the
question arise how does the broker get an authority to council the client without his consent?

The document named privacy consent form is all made for the same . Also to begin the
conversation with the client he or she will be given the Credit Guide via email

The ASIC which is the finance Body watching each step of the lenders and brokers to
control the finance activities under it gets in to Audits and make sure the enough steps have
been undertaken to curb misbehavior at Australia.

The broker has to keep the records safe to represent as and when required. The data has to
be maintained in soft copy and in the hard copy as well.

The investor or the buyers after having sufficient knowledge from the broker asks to begin
the loan process . the loan may get approved by a day or 15 days depending upon the lender
and policy.

The broker get in touch with the lender after lodgement so that there should not be further

Though The process of loan is tedious the smart effort and the right direction of the broker
can help the client to reach to the desired Loan amount .

The broker has to take good efforts to achieve the goal of the clients.

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